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Top 20 Money Saving Tips

When times are tough, is it possible to save money and still be able to support your local community? Follow our top 20 money saving tips, and the answer will be ‘Yes’. Recent rises in the...

12 April 2022

Thanet Lotto Is Back!

We’re delighted to announce that it’s time for Thanet Community Lotto to get back to the business of raising money for local good causes. As you may be aware, Thanet Community Lotto has be...

30 November 2021

We’ll Be Back Soon!

You may have noticed that Thanet Community Lotto is not open for ticket sales, and draws are not taking place at the moment, but don’t worry we’ll be back very soon. Thanet District Counci...

23 September 2021

Our causes are on track to raise £19,687.20 this year

8.75% Complete

631 tickets of our 7,215 ticket goal